Puget.NET was initially founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Iniki and Hurricane Andrew, primarily as a method of communications for disaster relief personnel and emergency managers. Our interests have always centered on the expediency of data communications in emergency situations and continuity of operations in the face of disaster.

Our business has evolved in the 15 years since those events, and we have expanded to include specialized design and hosting solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

  Hurricane Andrew
Damage Estimates: $26.5 Billion US Dollars
Highest Recorded Windspeed: 165 MPH
Deaths: 26
Storm surge: 17 Feet
Hurricane Iniki
Damage Estimates: $1.8 Billion US Dollars
Highest Recorded Windspeed: 140 MPH
Deaths: 6
Storm surge: 18 Feet


  Off-Site Backup
We all know that ensuring backups are done routinely can be a pain somewhere we wish it weren't. Even more complicated is getting an off-site backup at routine intervals. At Puget.NET, we have solutions to this problem... Multiple off-site backups can save you headaches -- and money!

Starting in the late 1970's, the foundation of Puget.NET was laid. In those days, we operated dial-up connections using Bulletin Board technology operating on some rather antique equipment, by today's standards! In the mid 90's we transitioned to a great piece of software named FirstClass, which provided excellent non-public methods of communications.

However, a new wind had been blowing for awhile - the Internet.

Clearly, the need for a public communications medium was needed and necessary, while still providing secure methods of communications and message-passing capabilities. Hosting files which could be accessed anywhere in the world, editable by authorized users, dictated our transition to Internet standards.

  Services Provided
  • Design
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance & Updates
  • Pogramming Soutions
    • PERL/CGI
    • PHP
  • Database Solutions
    • MySQL
  • On-Line Backup
  • On-Line Sync
  Synchronized eMail
You're at home, but your eMail is at the office! You're on the road, but your eMail is at home! Sound familiar? Puget.NET provides simple solutions to make your eMail available to you from unlimited locations, without huge costs or headaches.

Drop me an eMail if you think you need our services:


I've been heavily involved in computers and electronics since high school, so the technologies were nothing new. College was my first introduction to the Internet (ARPANET) and the possibilities were endless.

Building our network has been a passion, and our long-term clients can attest to our commitment to their success -- and ours.

Puget.NET is unique: We provide total solutions to technically-challenged small and medium-sized businesses who don't have the desire, or time, to learn how to make the internet work for them. You'll come to appreciate that you can hand the problem to us and we will create a reliable, tasteful, and cost-effective solution for your business.


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